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Sunday, August 17, 2014
Please note we have several new photos this month. Be sure to view the photos section. If you have a photo of an event at our lodge, PLEASE send them, with a brief description to tmccorkle@aol.com

Also I have heard from several members that data on this web page is as old as 2012. This date simply reflects the date the news article was established. The information within the article is current and updated monthly if there is a change. The information that remains unchanged each month still applies to the every day workings of our lodge. Thanks for reading our web pages.
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Administrator's Message
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Congratulations to the newly elected Board of Officers for 2015-2016. Please give
them your support throughout the upcoming year. Join us for our special events¬
May 2nd Kentucky Derby Day, May 10th Mother's Day Buffet and our Memorial
Day Celebration.
Please remember to pay your back gate fee, $20.00 per year or $100.00 for a
lifetime card. Your membership card must be shown to the bartender or waitress
before you make your first purchase. This is for the protection of our Fraternity,
so please do not give the staff a hard time when they ask you for your card.
Give a warm welcome to our new chef, Chip Purvis. He has been in the restaurant
business for many years so we will be seeing some new specials in the future.
We need more Bingo volunteers for Wednesday nights and it is only for about 3
hours. If you have already signed up, please check the schedule in the newsletter
or on the Lodge bulletin board. Thanks to all volunteers who help with Bingo and
all the Lodge functions.
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Recorder's Message
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